Wednesday, June 10, 2009

L-E-F-T-A-R-M Alright! (new unreleased track mp3)

Our buddy Scott at Cavetone Records got a hold of us a few months back about being on a quad(!) split 7" - 2 songs each side, 1 from 4 bands doing their "theme song." We didn't really have one, so we wrote one in about an hour and recorded it in another hour on the 4-track. Then we took it to Scott to mix the sucker with his cool vintage outboard gear and dump it to tape.

Check out the resulting mp3 of our tune, "L-E-F-T-A-R-M Alright!" below. The 7" will be coming out on Cavetone Records real soon. We'll be in excellent company - the other bands are Columbia, MO's Pat Boone's Farm, Monte Carlos, and Chicago's The Animal Party.

[MP3] L-E-F-T-A-R-M Alright!

Monday, June 1, 2009

I love Google Maps

Felt like being a big dork today and wanted to test out a function of Google Maps.

Check it out, all the places LEFT ARM has played over the years.

View Left Arm gigs in a larger map

Also, awesome show the other night at The Fox Hole (Atomic Cowboy)! Christened a sweet new venue with some great bands.