Friday, June 29, 2007

Recording update

Two LEFT ARM recording projects going on at the same time:

1.) Stuff for a full-length CD: Recorded the basic drum/bass tracks on 7 songs with Rick Harmon a few weeks back. Waiting to get back in with him to finish guitars and vocals. When we get this stuff done, we're going to put this with the "Play 5 songs with a Caveman" EP for a grand total of 12 or 13 songs for a disc that'll be on TIRC records sometime near the end of the year.

2.) Stuff for a 7": Recorded the basic drum/bass tracks in our practice space the other day on 3 songs. Joe's gonna be finishing up the guitars over the next week or so. Vocals to follow. Ideally, we'd like to record one or 2 more and pick our favorite couple to cut to vinyl. Here's a few pics from the recording.

Plus, somehow we got bumped out of playing the South Side Rocks Off gig for July 7th. It's cool though, we just got added to Bob's birthday bash at the Way Out Club for that same night. We'll be kicking it with The Last Place and The Hail Marys. Kick ass!

Monday, June 25, 2007

She's a human bomb, baby

Enjoy this pic of Jimbo in Carbondale. Also, enjoy the daisy on the stool that's obviously enjoying herself quite a bit. Speaking of gals enjoying themselves, enjoy this 4-track basement demo of a brand new LEFT ARM cut. It's called Human Bomb and it's straight from the mind of Joe Stumble.

You'll no-doubt be hearing this baby at the Lemmons gig on July 14th.

Human Bomb

- Colin Sick

Thursday, June 21, 2007

LEFT ARM video on!

If you haven't heard of Bill Streeter and his video blog (vlog) at you either a.) don't own a computer b.) don't love St. Louis music and culture or c.) don't like kick-ass new technologies. Because the stuff that Bill's doing is amazing! Not only does he constantly scratch the underbelly of all things St. Louis as a talented videographer, he travels the country participating in panels, leading discussion groups, and giving lectures on hip, new and emerging methods of online communication.

Well, Bill was out - video camera in hand - for the Gore Gore Girls / Left Arm show back on May 1st at Atomic Cowboy and he just posted the spot on us (Left Arm that is.)

Check it out! A video of Left Arm in LO-FI SAINT LOUIS!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

STL Music Poll

Well it looks like despite the insane amount of evangelizing Jason, Jim and I did, we did not win the RFT Best Garage Band Award. Part of me wants to ask the folks at the RFT for a count because I believe that a ridiculous amount of people voted for us. Problem was, that we were a write-in and I don't think the whole voting system was set up to deal with the possibility of a write-in winning.

The first inkling I had that things were not going to go so well was when I found out that there was an Academy Awards style ceremony planned for the night before. Of course, all of the nominated bands were in attendance but what about the possibility of a write-in? I don't think the RFT planned for that contingency because the idea that a write-in could win seemed like such a long shot.

So I guess what I am saying is that if we did win, I don't think the RFT counted us. Or maybe we just didn't. Maybe Johny O and the Jerks beat us fair and square.

Who knows and more to the point who cares? I would rather focus on the fact that our show last night with the Rockford Mules and Kentucky Knife Fight was our best show yet (with me in the band). If you haven't come out to see us you should. We are evolving into an insanely tight musical fuckin' juggernaut!

This time next year we may not even be able to be nominated for Best Garage Band because we will have broken out of the confines of that label. They will have to create a new musical category. Best Left Arm band...and your choices will be:

A. Left Arm
B. Left Arm
C. Left Arm
D. Left Arm

No write-in either cuz lets face it, that's a waste of everyones time.


Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Show Friday night at The Way Out Club

Another awesome show this Friday! This time it's with our friends, Kentucky Knife Fight and a real cool band from Minneapolis called The Rockford Mules.

Check it out:

at the Way Out Club

The Rockford Mules (from Minneapolis)
Kentucky Knife Fight
& Left Arm

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Lemmons show tomorrow!

Hoooooya! Just a reminder party peoples!

Come on out early for happy hour and get a pizza cuz we'll likely go on early.

at Lemmons

Blondsai! (from Baltimore)
The Vultures!
& Left Arm!

Then next Friday:

at Way Out Club

The Rockford Mules (from Minneapolis)
Kentucky Knife Fight
& Left Arm