Thursday, June 21, 2007

LEFT ARM video on!

If you haven't heard of Bill Streeter and his video blog (vlog) at you either a.) don't own a computer b.) don't love St. Louis music and culture or c.) don't like kick-ass new technologies. Because the stuff that Bill's doing is amazing! Not only does he constantly scratch the underbelly of all things St. Louis as a talented videographer, he travels the country participating in panels, leading discussion groups, and giving lectures on hip, new and emerging methods of online communication.

Well, Bill was out - video camera in hand - for the Gore Gore Girls / Left Arm show back on May 1st at Atomic Cowboy and he just posted the spot on us (Left Arm that is.)

Check it out! A video of Left Arm in LO-FI SAINT LOUIS!

1 comment:

B&E said...

Those sunglasses are magic.

If we were a gay band, we'd like, be totally in love w/ you.
But we're not a gay we just think it's pretty cool.