Wednesday, July 25, 2007

We gotta place to go after the show

A bunch of exciting things going on in camp LEFT ARM. For starters, the recording process for the new CD is moving along nicely. Drums, fuzzbass, guitars and 90% of the vocals have been tracked. Everything is sounding pretty boss. We have a massive amount of mixing ahead of us, so that's a bit daunting. But, we're gonna keep plowing forward over the course of the summer. The track listing (in no particular order) is looking like this:

1. Lure of the Light
2. After Party
3. No Time for Rock n Roll
4. Gotta Go
5. More Harm Than Good
6. New Kind of Kick
7. Congratulations
8. Forget the Rock, Let's Roll
9. As Seen On TV
10. Gonna Get You
11. Love Blast
12. Damn the Peanut Man

With maybe a bonus track or two thrown in there if we're lucky.

Also, we're trying to solidify our show schedule for the rest of the year. We have GroveFest (the 15th) and a big pre-GonerFest show with CoCoComa and The Hipshakes at the Way Out Club in September (the 24th). In October (the 12th) we're playing the first annual TIRC Show Me Blowout! And that should be one hell of a good time. Plus, it's very possible that we'll be playing a HUGE Halloween show. More details on that soon.

In November and December we'll hopefully be hitting the road. If you live in Louisville, Carbondale, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Memphis, Nashville, or Chicago and you can hook us up with a show, drop us a line at

AND last but not least as they say, the LEFT ARM family welcomes it's newest member, Corinne Sophia Potter. She was born Saturday night, and if I do say so myself she's completely adorable. I breed 'em to replace me when my joints get brittle. Yeah! Ok, thanks for listening.

- Colin Sick

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