Monday, August 18, 2008

We're electric! (road report)

Brad and Jim

Holy son of a billygoat! We're back from Detroit and this shit is hot! 3 songs recorded with Jim Diamond - and lemme tell you, that feller knows how to bring it.

Thursday - RoadKat and I picked up the rental van, picked up Brad in GC, picked up Stotts in Greenville. 8 hours or so later we landed in Detroit. Crashed at the sweet $50/night Holiday Inn Express.

LEFT ARM at Motown

Friday - Got up, visited Motown (sweet!), got to the studio at noon. Met Mr. Diamond (sweet!), loaded in, set up, did a bit of sound check and started blasting through the tunes. Early evening we popped across the street to Bucharest Grill for some yummy Romanian shwarma sandwiches. Got back to the studio by 9 or so to hear Jim's finished mixes (sweet!). Headed back to the hotel. Got real loaded in the hotel bar and took over the jukebox. RoadKat flirted with everyone there and got us free drink and more plays on the box.

Jim Diamond

Saturday - Rolled out kind of early, finally made it out of Detroit. Jim was real sick from the previous night's partying. Mr. Pukey Puke. Kat, Brad, and I enjoyed some donuts. 8 or so hours later we landed back in Greenville to pick up the PA for our show in Carbondale. Rolled into Carbondale, set up our stuff, got some food. Kat and I grabbed some Don Taco while Brad, Jim and Rachel got some El Greco. Another great night of ridiculous rock n' roll action at PK's. Always fun playing with those Ded Buggers. Had a mini listening party in the parking lot for our new record. I sez it before and I'll sez it again: Carbondale rules!

Wait 'til you here these tracks! Soon, soon. Find us a label and it'll be even sooner.


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