Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Just a quick batch of updates here ya'll. For starters we had another sweet show in Carbondale last weekend. Thanks to everyone for coming out. It was real real cold, but we did out best to bring the heat. We just love PK's! And it's always good to play with our pals The Dammit Boys.

Also, (with the help of Road Kat - our official 4th member) we'll finally be sending out to have the plates cut for our 7" this week! Yay! No promises yet on when it might be ready to get out to ya'll, but the process is at least started.

Lastly, we have a gob of badass shows coming up in the months ahead! In February, we'll be heading to Columbia, MO (for the first time) to play at Eastside Tavern with our good pals Pat Boone's Farm and Monte Carlos. So that's real exciting. In March we'll be hitting Bloomington/Normal once again to play at IBC with our new friends The Abacinators.

And (last but not least) we'll be playing our new home-away-from-home, The Wedge, once again this Sunday (2/1) with an awesome band from Iowa, Radio Moscow. I think they've been through town once or twice before, but they have a new album coming out in April on Alive Records and this date will be the kick-off date for their tour behind it. So come out and show some love.

Check out this Radio Moscow video:

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