Thursday, March 19, 2009

Empty City: Pink Spiders at Cicero's 3/24/09

This week's Empty City show:
Pink Spiders at Cicero's 3/24/09

I've personally been a fan of this Nashville-based band for quite some time. Mega super buzzy power pop goodness. Until recently (in the last year maybe), they had this schtick that didn't bother me much but I can see how it could turn some people off. This glammy pink/black/white neo new-wave thing (whatever that is) that played right to 16 year old girls. They were on Warped Tour, etc.

Well, the long story short is that they got dropped by their major (Geffen) and two of the three dudes quit. Lead dude, Matt Friction, (with major-label-funded but not released new record, Sweat It Out, in hand) decided to recruit new band members and carry on. We played with this new line-up last September at Bluebird (now Firebird) and they absolutely killed! I'd seen them in the past and they were pretty ok, but this new crew brought the heat! IMHO this has much (everything?) to do with their badass new drummer, Nick Slack.

Check him (them) out in action here in a recent-ish clip (Gimme Chemicals) followed by one of their classics (Modern Swinger).

As a coincidental side note, another great band, The Hard Lessons, are playing Cicero's the next night. Luckily STL already loves these guys.


Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more! The new lineup brings long time friends and collaborators Nick Slack (Slack/Mondo Primo) on drums and Nathan Hansen (Silent Friction/Darling Hearts) on bass and take the band to a new level on stage. Definitely check out the show and look forward to LP4 (unnamed) to be released later this year. For more goods on the band see you'll also see ways to win tickets to the show at Cicero's. Go do it!

Anonymous said...

saw them last night in chicago! it was epic. they enjoyed playing cicero's and will defnitely be back, prob later this year. good venue.

donny dont said...

Cool! The St. Louis show was killer too. Super fun dudes to hang out with and they brought it as expected. It's fun to watch all of them, but I'mma say it again - Nick rules! The new material sound great. Can't wait til they come through again.

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