Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Electric Babies 7" release party!

Finally! Mark your calendars!

Friday, May 15th
8pm at Vintage Vinyl
In-store performance and "Electric Babies" 7" release party.

RoadKat and our new record!

Come out and get our hot new piece of wax (not too hot, it would melt) out on TIRC Records! I'm sure we'll have some general wackiness in store plus new t-shirts, records, and tunes. You'll be able to download 2 of the 3 tracks at starting next week.

Some more info, courtesy of AtoZ

And if you screw up and miss things this night, we'll definitely have the records the next weekend at the big TIRC Records showcase and Nevermores CD Release party featuring The Nevermores, Left Arm and The 75s - 5/23 at Deluxe in Maplewoood.

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