Thursday, August 13, 2009

[STL] Sat 8/15 at The Fox Hole - last Left Arm (originals) show

Left Arm - 01/16/03 at Creepy Crawl (l-r: Jason, Jeff, Jim)

Well, kinda. But mostly true. What started 7 years ago comes to an end this Saturday night. Come out and send Left Arm to the grave at The Fox Hole (at Atomic Cowboy).

True, we have one more show after this one, but we'll be playing all covers at that one (An Under Cover Weekend at Firebird 9/4). And instead of Beat On The Brad (whose last show with us will be this Saturday) we'll be joined by badassmofozer Morgan Nusbaum (of The 75s fame) on guitar! Yeah, that thing I just said is true!

Left Arm - 08/01/09 at Deluxe (l-r: Jim, Jason, Brad)

This Saturday (our last *originals* show), instead of our normal "Guess what assholes, you have 20 minutes to play cuz we're an hour behind schedule already and you better not want to use any microphones you talentless fucks!" themed set, we'll be stretching out and playing whateverthehell we want/can play within no boundries of embarrassment. Plus also, our old buddy Scott Walus (of Pat Boone's Farm fame and guitarist on the back half of our Dissatisoul CD) will be coming in to town to join us on a handful of jams.

We were going to try and find a replacement guitar player, but quite honestly I've about had it for a little while with all the BS and let downs and just don't have the energy. So, if you've liked us in the past, happen to like us in the present, or just want to try and choke me out one more time for slinging beer or your girlfriend this is your last chance to catch us! We'll be having a t-shirt clearinghouse and we'll definitely have the "Electric Babies" 7" on hand if you don't have that yet.


Saturday August 15th
at The Fox Hole (Atomic Cowboy)
w/ Morgan Nusbaum (solo acoustic)
Lethal Enforcer (sponsored by FleshLight)

Friday September 4th
An Under Cover Weekend
at Firebird
w/ Science Hill, Heroes of The Kingdom, The Monads, and The Orbz

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