Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Vote For Left Arm

See, there is an annual "Best of St Louis Poll" in St Louis' local alternative paper. In said paper there is a "Best Garage Rock Band" category. My band LEFT ARM would really like to win in this category.

So whatimaskin' will only take a minute of your time. Just go to THIS LINK and click VOTE and fill out the info and vote for LEFT ARM for BEST GARAGE ROCK BAND in St Louis. I don't care if you leave everything else blank. Ballot closes Sunday, June 3, 2007 so it would be best to do this ASAP. The three bands with the most votes in all categories get to play The Pageant which would be ridiculously insane.

You will also notice that when you go to this form, there are a bunch of bands listed and LEFT ARM is not one of them. Despite my attempts to get put on this list, I was unsuccessful. So you will have to write in LEFT ARM. Which is kinda cool cuz if we win, we will be the first band in the history of these fuckin' polls to win as a write-in.

This is also your chance to help make the unpopular kids the King and Queen of the proverbial prom. Shit...we weren't even asked to the prom. If we win, we get to crash it and we promise it will be just like the finale of Carrie except with wicked guitar solos.

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donny dont said...

Man, alot of people that I know have voted. They're gonna be like "who are these shitheads and how dare they try and butt in when we didn't nominate them?!" haha. Yessss!