Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Cuts & Stitches

What's with Left Arm guitarists wounding their hands just before we head into the studio? Remember, Scott burned the hell out of his hand just a few days before we went in to record with Jason Hutto. Well, we're heading in to do some recording with Rick Harmon tonight, and what do ya know? Joe cuts himself. He hasn't said how (I'll assume it was while wrestling a wild porcupine). He said he should be up and running again soon, but in the meantime Jim and I are going to start tracking drums, bass, and vocals. We're going to attempt some (if not all) of the following: "The Lure of the Light," "Congratulations," "No Time For Rock N' Roll," "After Party," "More Harm Than Good," "Gotta Go" and if we're lucky the Cramps song we've been doing, "New Kind of Kick."

Just for fun, here's some rough pre-Stumble demos of some of the new tunes:

No Time For Rock N' Roll
The Lure of the Light
Congratulations, I Don't Give a Shit
After Party
More Harm Than Good

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